JoJo’s Source of Power

GUYS,THIS IS VERY EPIC. so today, I found out Jonathon Joestar’s dick size. How I did this is simple. So, apparently the media interviewed Speedwagon once. One of these questions was what was his dick size. Speedwagon replied saying that he had an absolute massive peen. Massive is around 5.5 inches long erect, but if he truly had a massive one, it had to be six inches. Now, with screen scaling and such, Jonathon is around 1.63 times the size of speedwagon, his flaccid length should be around 4.5 inches, but since he truly has the joestar schlong gene, let’s add an inch. That’s around 5.5 inches. Sad you think? But that’s his FLACCID length. When erect, the human penis doubles it’s size. That’s 12 INCHES! If you think that’s still small, imagine him pegging your ass with it. Your ass is minced meat. Erina must be so lucky to have such a chad cock. Just think of him grabbing your shoulders and unzipping his pants, and the pleasure of that sausage in your ass. You wish.

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