Jump Crit: A Thorough Analysis of its Pioneer’s and Later Antiquity

Abstract: This paper seeks to demonstrate the influence behind the Jump Crit from its founding father, DerekLA along with its later pioneers such as the Ickster and Dawgsrlife. It will demonstrate the progress attempted to deduct its secrets and extractions originating in the Hypixel network, specifically within the UHC duels game mode. I will try to examine the differences from each of the pioneers and how the Jump Crit was then constructed for the masses, as it had gone through a lot of change from its originator, DerekLA.

The one known as DerekLA hadn’t actually come up with the Jump Crit from himself as that is what is perceived from the masses. The truth is, he was inspired by Caleb. Caleb use to duel DerekLA for a massive portion of his early career, and at one instance DerekLA noticed something Caleb was doing. He tried to imitate it then creating his own version of the Jump Crit, being more refined and solid. He is would enforce tactics in his Jump Crits. For example, he would overpressure an opponent attempting to gap getting closer and closer. As soon as he was at the right distance, he would S hold as the opponent would feel overwhelmed and also confident to go in without rodding. However, Derek is aware about the state of mind the individual is in prior to performing the action, thereby hitting a rod while S holding and performing his nuanced Jump Crit leaving his opponent dazzled. The appeal of this Jump Crit became so widespread that individuals sought to imitate it, and among them rose Icky, also recognized as the Ickster.

Icky was witness to a numerous amount of videos wherein Derek performs the Jump Crit, further downloading them for safekeeping and analysis. He had an acquaintance named Dead in which he had taught from what he had known. In this stage of the Jump Crit, both of the pioneers had an informed perspective of the topic of Jumo Critting, causing them to understand the error with attempts of other good players who tried to imitate the Jumo Crit such as Jaspay, Doef, Jahsehh, etc. This would end up becoming a secret to the two once they had mastered the ability to perform it against their opponents.

Among the speculators also came Dawgsrlife, from Later Antiquity, who had presumed he had the correct notion of the Jump Crit. The Ickster and Dead would often criticize Dawgsrlife for introducing a misinterpreted notion of the Jump Crit to the masses. As he was open to a secret which wasn’t the secret, and the ones who had attained the secret still kept it within. He tried to delude the people with justification that appealed to the use of mathematics, when his misuse of it [mathematics] presumed notions such as worldly concepts such as gravity—not being a real extraction of the Minecraft world. This misconstrued representation was ridiculed by the likes of Quight and MuffinHACKs who had been witness to the proper understanding of it from the Ickster and Dead. Concurrently, Icky had an upcoming idea to upload a combotage of Jump Crits, blackening out the keystrokes for those who want to understand it fully. The visual example from the video would thereby be sufficient to dismantle the concept found in Dawgsrlifes video and simultaneously keep the secret on how it’s done. It represents what it is without introducing how it’s done, clarifying the matter at hand. Some obsessed individuals learned deduced a faint image of the Jump Crit, learning little of how to do it such as Conad. Progress is always being made to enforce a 1:1 extraction, the scholars are in agreement that their proposition of the Jump Crit is still not exactly the vessel of DerekLAs. Although they do argue some variations seem to be better in the sense of how their performed. Without doubt to this day however, DerekLA still remains to be the most visually appealing and consistent performer of the Jump Crit.

Credits to Dead for his PhD in Minecraft Mechanics!
Taken from r/CompetitiveMinecraft

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