Jurassic League is phenomenal.

This is the greatest comic ever made.

In fact, never mind. This is the greatest piece of literature ever made.

In just two mere issues, Jurassic League has proven itself to be the most thought provoking, transcendent piece of human media ever created.

Now, some of you may say ‘Well, it’s good fun and all, but it’s just the Justice League as Dinosaurs.’ And you are complete, irredeemable imbeciles. Can you even comprehend the sheer emotional weight behind the bond between Bat Walker and Cave Boy Robin? The sheer high-stakes brutality between Supersaur and Brontozarro? The graciosity of the Trinity’s first meeting? It is perfection. There are no flaws in Jurassic League. It interweaves so many subtle themes all at once, deftly and with such intelligence.

For example, why are the Justice League members dinosaurs? Should they not be human like they typically are. Why did the mad geniuses of Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon make the Justice League dinosaurs? Well, what do dinosaurs represent? They represent antiquity, relics of the past. So by depicting the Justice League as literal dinosaurs, it represents the antiquity of the old heroic age. The heroes of old are nothing more than fossils to be remembered, as depicted in this issue’s variant cover. Yet, notice this universe’s Robin. Unlike his mentor Bat Walker, he is human. He is the evolved species that will take up the mantle of the Earth and forge the next generation. By simultaneously depicting the Justice League as ancient, and contrasting them with the humanoid Robin, this reflects Jurassic League’s theme of legacy. The new inevitably supersedes the old, but it needs the old to grow. They can reflect off of each other, and improve each other. They can make the world better by facing against the evil that assaults it. And we know that eventually, the Jurassic League will die. They are dinosaurs, after all. But we can witness the heroism of eras long passed, and use it to inspire us in the present. No matter how ancient the past is, it can inspire our future. And in this era of conflict between ‘Boomers’ and ‘Millennials’, this idea is all the more impactful and nuanced.

There are also the numerous socio-political themes of Jurassic League. In the first issue, the heroes begin so separate, isolated to their own regions. Bat Walker is wandering the Earth completely alone without any sort of government, representing anarchism and our innate desire to return to our evolutionary past (I have heard it called ‘Return To Monke’ before). Supersaur is a community servant, operating in traditional civilization and helping the dinosaur village thrive, representing libertarianism and the desire for the people to uphold society with minimal interference from the government. Wonderdon lives with the other dinosaurs on an isolated island, representing isolationist philosophies, as well as their benefits and weaknesses. Her people live in relative peace without interference from the outside world, but they are also unable to assist others in need. A double edged sword, representing Wonder Woman’s use of a sword in the inferior mainline universe. When these ideologies meet, they should logically despise each other due to their differences. And yet, they manage to come together, uniting to defeat the evils that they confront, and recognizing that, in the end, they are all dinosaurs. In spite of the ideological divisions that our society currently faces, we can still join together and recognize ourselves that we are all dinosaurs just like them. And we can be better humans because of them. We can be better than them, just like Robin can.

Jurassic League has touched me unlike no comic ever has before. When people mention Watchmen and Sandman, I know that they are not worth my time. They have not seen the edge of the void like I have, only to rise out of it again because of Jurassic League. I have ascended to Nirvana in my mind, having an out of body experience the entire time I was reading it. It is completely, 100%, a masterpiece. I have changed myself for the better after reading it, and I will forever more help others improve. Thank you Daniel Warren Johnson. Thank you Juan Gedeon. Thank you for changing my life, and the lives of so many others.

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