“just a reminder to all cut fags”. taken from 4chan

Just a reminder to all c(ope)ut fags that unmutilated penises look like cut dicks when they’re completely erect, just minus the two tone deformed scar, the thousands upon thousands of missing nerve endings, the missing and butchered frenulum, and the dry desensitised glans. Natural penises are superior, you have the foreskin to protect your glans when flaccid, and when it’s time for sex it rolls back and blends in so you don’t even see it. Not to mention the foreskin contains some of the most sensitive and best feeling parts of the penis, imaging letting some dirty jew doctor remove pleasure from the most private area on your body. Just think about that, you didn’t even have a say over what happened to your own body, over your own dick, like it didn’t even belong to you. Imagine not having control over what happens to your own body. Imagine if jew doctors cut off your eyelids as a baby then you spent your entire life trying to convince yourself that there was nothing wrong with it, kek.

You have been VIOLATED, and MUTILATED against your free will, and now you are STRUGGLING to COPE because you feel ashamed and humiliated with yourself, and rightly so. You show all the signs and denial of rape victims, you think that the jew doctors violated and raped you. And you are right, you are coping, and you will never get your foreskin back. You will never be whole again, and you will never stop seething at your irreversible mutilation till the day you die.

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  1. For only tickets or those unchanged pigs for all paperwork looks like a penis. When it is fully designed, natural muscles are better, we can protect their paznokci when you are going, and when we have sexs, you return and mixed until you see. Not mentioning, the relatives feel best in some most sensitive parts and the forefront, which allows the bruds to defeat the councils of most of their bodies. I think that there is no matter about your body, because if you don’t think of myself, what they were going to your body, I must not control whether the J***ish doctors had left their eyes as a child, and then spent the whole life trying to convince me that nothing was not to control him.

    They were separated and determinated against the independence of desire, and we are now able to be able to be able to get married because they are jealous and humiliated by themselves. He shows the absence of all the victims of rape and rape, believing that the J***ish doctors violated and rape him. He will never see his treasure until he will die.

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