Just got dumped for eating 40 wings and a pizza (r/teenagers)

Ok so i was talking to this girl , we we’re hitting it off ngl and we were talking about routines and stuff like that when she said something like “ i really like your body , how many days do you go to the gym “ ok , so i was like yeah i go 6 days a week and eat healthy except for my cheat meal ok Saturday, she was like “oh yeah , what do you have on your cheat meal “ ? So i said yeah yesterday i was hungry so i had 40 wings from wingstop , a papa johns pizza , and a couple of pepsi’s . I found nothing wrong in that but she kept getting dryer and responding less . So i asked her what happened today and she said “yeah i just dont see a future with someone who can just eat 40 wings like it’s nothing “ , this might be the weirdest interaction ive had with a girl . Is my pulling game really that bad ? Even my food choices make girls stray away from me 🙁

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