K-On is the reason Aliens spared us.

K-On is the reason Aliens spared us. They gave us 2,500,000 years as a species to prove that we can make something great. As soon as our time was running out, a young Major of the Alien fleet saw a broadcast of Yui calling Azusa, Azunyan. The Alien Major was amazed of the divine sight he was blessed with. He ran to the Brigadier General to tell him that humans are cable of more than just Pepa the Pig. The Brigadier General as soon as he saw the scene he send a signal to the General of the Armies with the Title: ”MUST WATCH URGENT”.

The General of the Armies saw it, stopped the attack on our solar system and binge watched the show in the Timer Chamber. Then he recommended it to the Alien Emperor. The Alien Emperor then sat down, watched all episodes of K-On, all OVA, the movie, bought all the Manga and merchandise and made K-On the official show of the Universe. All Alien artists were ashamed that in the millions of years of their existence never produced anything that could be called as good as ”K-On but a million times worse” or their works were trillions of times and even less, lesser than K-On. Most of them abandoned their careers as they could never reach K-On levels. Since then with Imperial decree the Alien Emperor said: ”Earth Shall Be spared. Maybe…. maybe humans one day will bless us with a third season!”. Right after he said that the Emperor retired as he had enjoyed all pleasure the universe had to offer. He has now fallen into a deep slumber waiting for season 3 . Only when this and if it happens he shall resume his duties as there is nothing more for him here. In his sleep he wears ear pieces to hear K-on songs for all eternity until the next season is made. Until then his son, the Prince Regale leads the Alien Empire as a temporary Emperor.

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