This is Kevin’s mom.

I have taken control of all his Madghosts accounts and he will not be getting them back. In addition, I will also be deleting this account and reporting all of you to the authorities.

This is not the son I raised. I raised my son to be respectful of other women and to be a good Feminist. The Internet has ruined him, and he now refers to himself as a “Shitlord”. You guys did this to him and I am putting an end to it. If he refuses to live a worthwhile life, then I will live his life for him.

Goodbye, and I hope your parents are as disappointed in you as I am disappointed in my son.


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  1. She is Kevin’s mother.

    I take care of all your red accounts and I do not find them. In addition, I delete this account and I point out everything with management.

    It is not a child who can get up. I raised my son to respect beautiful women and women. The Internet is located in Monabath and now they are called “Lord of shit”.

    I slept and I hope your parents would fail because I failed my son.

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