Kings Gambit > Queens Gambit

Kings Gambit (1. e4 , e5 2. f4) is far superior to the Queens Gambit (1. d4 , d5 2. c4). Today, i will make my case against the Queens gambit.

For starters, the Queens gambit stars a woman. As we know, females are not superior to men, and do not belong on the line of duty. The King needs to assert his dominance and open his line and W-Key the enemy. Allowing a women to fight for you makes you a beta male, and not a sigma male.

Second, Men are naturally stronger than women so naturally the king is the better fighter. Women can’t fight as good because they don’t have the muscle or stamina as a man, so the king is the better choice.

Lastly, the sigma king is better than the queen simply because he is a man and she’s a woman and I am sexist

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