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I love how you took one piece of the comment that was completely meaningless to my scaling out, cut off the top half of it, then posted it lmao

you didn’t debunk any of my main arguments, just pretended you didn’t understand them when its literally stated multiple times here that the Kirby verse has 5D planes

Another Dimension’s descriptions

fun-fact: (if something that transcends space and time exists anywhere in a verse, and a character is claimed and implied as heavily as possible to be capable of destroying said verse, that means they also transcend space and time)

me scaling master hand was half for fun and half for backup evidence that Kirby is clearly above multiversal

i never claimed smash was canon to every character, I claimed master hand was canon to Kirby, but I do admit it sounded like that was what I was saying, my mistake

the Drawcia scaling was partially a joke but it’s still completely valid to the argument, there is nothing else to describe what she was doing other than transcending the verse, it doesn’t make any sense at all to say otherwise given that its literally her entire story

her fighting the player makes this so blatantly clear

kirby has infinite power too, so of course he’s infinite on his dimensional scale, there is nothing saying otherwise

Kirby still beat Magalor, who leveled another dimension

Kirby still beat void, who was going to destroy all worlds

Kirby still beat master hand, who views smash as fiction

Kirby still beat Drawcia, who fought the player and turned multiple places with multiple stars in the sky into paint

Kirby verse still has places that transcend space and time

Kirby is still low-complex Multiversal.

cry about it?

as i said, people just can’t handle the concept of Kirby being more than a cute fluffy puffball, seems like your coping system was

> claiming I don’t know how to power scale

> leaving the convo without debunking anything,

> epic burning me on a completely different submadghosts,

which is ironic since I literally had to read my scans out for you to understand.

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