koreaboo furweeb

uwu.. i love u jijibijimin ples marry me oppaaa saranghae sakjsjkg. here’s my 69420+ fanfic of juanscockfellinthejungle x jijibijimin x me x the other 5 members… btw heres the body pillow of my waifu catgirl loli 02. shes so kawaii uwowo darling ohayo arigato SHE IS KAWAII URUSA BAKA. i wanna be asian cuz asian good everything else bad. anime land kpop land uwowo. btw imma ask one of my discord kittens out. hewo *breathes violenlty fixes shirt becomes 100 pounds less gulps thinks to self “if i become her boyfriend i will be no longer in my mom’s basement”* *gulps* wiww u be mai discowd kitten and become my uwowo catgiwl gf???

#koreaboo #furweeb

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