Korean words for playing Among Us

Let’s learn Korean words and expressions for playing Among Us in Korean

1. us 우리
2. among 사이, 가운데
3. among us 우리 가운데
4. imposter 사기꾼
4-1. scam, fraud 사기
5. ghost 귀신
6. crew 크루
7. believe, trust 믿다
7-1. 믿어 주세요. please trust me
7-2. 안 믿어요. I don’t trust you
8. emergency meeting 긴급 회의
9. find 찾다
9-1. 시체를 찾았어 I found the body
9-2. 어디에서 찾았어요? Where did you find it?
10. dead body 시체
11. report 신고하다
12. lying 거짓말 (slang 구라, 뻥)
13. mute 음소거
14. 말하지 마! Don’t talk.
15. kill 죽이다
16. die 죽다
17. vote 투표
18. mission 임무
18-1 너 무슨 임무 했어? which mission did you do?
19. 어디에 있었어요? where were you?
20. sabotage 방해

You can also watch the (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/737166663?t=00h14m01s) to learn the words and expressions.

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