Ladies do whack one off as well

Ladies do whack one off as well. Sometimes it can be amusing. Schoolfriend admitted she liked to wander around in the buff when her parents weren’t around. We didn’t fancy each other. We did used to hang out round hers because her parents were out longer.

We got the confession out of her because she always opened the door wearing a long t-shirt. Obviously naked underneath. Both us boys & girls would question if she (J) wore knickers. One time J got so annoyed she came back from the kitchen: “I’m sick of this shit”. Sat down and opened her legs. “Are we done?” J doesn’t wear knickers under her t-shirt.

This is a long intro. I’m getting to the point. One day I tapped on her window on my way to her front door. Knocked. J had slung on a t-shirt like normal only it hadn’t quite fell straight. She answered the door naked from the waist down. Being the discrete man that I am, noticing her big red puffy vagina lips, “got a man in have we?” No, J said. Something I said about masturbation/flicking herself off (I don’t recall) at which point J gets indignant suspecting me peering through her curtains. Then, having walked most the length of her house, looks down. “Oh”. Pulls down t-shirt.

The readers will be expecting some kind of cheeky fuck. Nope. Much more valuable than that. What J did tell me was how/why girls masturbate.

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  1. Girls do it, sometimes it can be a joke. The school friend admitted that he would move to the buff. When his parents failed, we were not good. We used their turn because their parents were close.

    We had a license from him because he always opened the door to a long T-shirt T., of course, we ask him or not among boys and girls (J) Feig. J, boring on the kitchen: “I’m sorry for this shit.” He sat down and opened his legs. “Are you ready?” J, he did not wear protests under his shirt.

    This is a long introduction. I got to this point. One day, he kept his window on the way to his front door. He hits. He responded to the door at the waist. To be aware of a man, I saw his big snack with a big girl “I have someone you?” No what I said to help / hope myself (I don’t remember). Then he went too much to him, too low. “To listen”. Pull the t-shirt down.

    Students hope to have sex with unpleasant faces. This is more important. I tell me what I said.

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