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it is, in fact, a competitive team game not singleplayer TES skyrim, keep ur shitty SP builds out of ranked and convincingly arguably norms unless ur a 5 man. theres a 4fun gamemode called aram and rotating game modes 4fun, theres also bots and customs but hey, fuc people trying to practice for ranked, fuc the people IN ranked, right? cuz at least u had a blast going crit yuni top 1/8/3 right? all that matters is ur fun, not the other 4 people on ur team haha being an experience terrorist is fun

actually, its not a singleplayer sandbox game fun fact. the goal of the game is to win by destroying nexus etc. it is in fact competitive at any and all levels of play. u even signed contract to try to win, win what? the game, if u need to win that means its a competition, competitive, you got placed on a team, theres 2 teams. Clearly theres competition, its much easier on everyone to just learn the game rather than stick ur head in the sand and insist ur individual fun trumps the point of the game, thats wrong and if u stand by that stop playing we will have better community

its strange, yall will flame ppl “sweats, tryhards” cuz they take it too serious but its perfectly fine for drunk weed smoking druggie douglas over here who hasnt played a game of league in 2 weeks to first time the new champ in ranked off role, yep 100% fine, thats exactly why the game is so bad it starts with community if yall just gave the smallest bit of effort to not be shit (remember u are ruining other ppls expetience btw, but yall dont care about that remember) the game would be so much better

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