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Should I break up with my girlfriend for not liking ‘Nippy’?

I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I’m really just looking for advice. I don’t know where else to turn.

After watching this past week’s episode, I was in love. This episode was a perfect callback to S1 of BCS. I watched the prior episode before viewing Nippy, and it truly felt like I had accidentally changed channels after the first episode and switched to a channel that shows S1 reruns. In my opinion, that kind of artistic risk is the bedrock of this show. It was nice of the writers to give *true* fans an episode all for themselves. After all, this show has been described as a “slow burn” and anything other than that is not within the show’s nature and should be judged as such. As we all know, slow pacing is synonymous with quality 100% of the time.

To briefly get off my soapbox, my query is in regard to whether this episode should or should not affect my relationship. See, my GF and I watch the new episode every week as it airs, and for the most part it’s been smooth sailing. We’ve only really disagreed a couple times. Both times were during my post-episode discussions, where I go frame-by-frame and point out everything that she likely missed and that I was able to pick up on. The incident that really annoyed me happened last week, where we disagreed on whether or not the Nutri-Grain bars further engrained the show’s themes of greed, pride, and morality. I thought the symbolism was beyond obvious, yet she disagreed.

My stomach started to churn as she told me that I read into things too much, lamenting the time I spent 6 hours watching paint dry instead of celebrating her birthday. If she wasn’t such a clueless idiot, she would understand that watching paint dry represents the callousness of fate; brief moments in which we affect change inevitably result in permanent consequences that can only be masked by “painting over” them. But even in spite of my genius revelations, she tried telling me that not every little thing in the show has to mean anything. And to further enrage me, she reminded me that Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have publicly said that a lot of connections/theories that fans think up are completely coincidental. If she had even two brain cells to rub together, she would realize that Vince and Peter are so perfect and meticulous that they subconsciously leave clues and metaphors even when they have no recollection of doing so.

So clearly I was pretty justified in my feelings. To further reinforce to my dunce of a GF that she was wrong, I ignored her for the entirety of the week so that she could do some thinking for once. I promised to let her speak after ‘Nippy’ aired so that she could exalt the episode for being a masterpiece.

However, to my genuine bewilderment, she said “that was pretty good, but not my favorite” once the episode ended. She fucking hated it. I was completely blindsided. Aside from me furiously masturbating to the 10 minute montage of a man eating cinnamon rolls, I was paying pretty close attention to her face and she seemed to enjoy the episode the whole time through. But clearly she masked her feelings of contempt and disgust for this “pretty good” episode.

I started screaming in her face something to the effect of “you fucking imbecile! Why the fuck didn’t you like the episode? Do you have the IQ of a goldfish??” (it wasn’t this nice, but in my defense I was *pissed*). Her response was “I dunno, I thought the tonal shift was a little strange. The previous episode was about Jimmy’s transformation into Saul, and it seems out of place for the very next episode to be about Gene reverting back to his Slippin’ Jimmy persona after only seeing 2 minutes of the Saul we first became acquainted with in Breaking Bad. The story would seem to flow more fluently if we saw a little bit of the Breaking Bad timeline, especially considering the confirmed roles Walt & Jesse have in this series. And I have no issue with the slow pacing, but it is a little jarring considering the majority of this season has been the most fast-paced the show’s ever been. Overall though, I liked the cinematography, tension, and performances.”

Since I have experience dealing with this smooth-brained cretin, let me translate: “hur dur that episode SUCKED! There was nothing good about it, it was just… bad!”. And after reading every BCS Twitter thread for affirmation, I noticed something even more startling. While going through all the replies I had seen, I noticed that about every 20th seemed to agree with her! Once I decided to consciously ignore all the positivity, all I saw was hate. So much hate that I decided to take it personally. My beliefs and personality were now one with BCS, and any insult to the show was an attack on me. So I decided to make a Madghosts post and shore up support for the episode. After ignoring the sea of positive posts about the episode, I decided that I needed to educate everyone on this submadghosts (aside from the people that enjoyed ‘Nippy’, they are to be considered hyper-intelligent automatically).

While writing, I decided to posit a question that had been gnawing at me all day: “why does everyone hate this episode? Do they not understand it?” From there, I was untouchable. Explaining cursory details that everyone likely picked up on, referring to a small minority as “everyone”, I had it all. After finishing my draft, I smugly showed it to my GF to make her feel bad about not loving the episode. Confused, she claimed that my whole argument was predicated on something called a “straw man”. I’m not familiar with the term as it hasn’t yet been introduced into the Gilliverse, but (as my post has demonstrated ad nauseum) I’m extremely emotionally intelligent and realized she was trying to discredit me. Me, a ‘Nippy’ fan! The irony is astounding.

After kicking her out of our apartment and into the street, I periodically checked the BCS submadghosts while laying in bed with my Vince Gilligan body pillow. And to my delight, I was greeted with a bunch of comments that agreed with me. Some gems that are worth repeating include: “If you don’t like this episode, you don’t like Jimmy as a character”, “This episode is a masterpiece”, and “Are we watching the same show?”, among many others. As the awards piled up, I became more and more satisfied. I tried to ignore the people that *weren’t* showering me with praise and Madghosts gold and instead thought about how I could gloat to my GF and make her feel terrible.

Sorry for the walk of text. I wanted to give context to the situation and more importantly, rave about how genius ‘Nippy’ is.

After mulling it over for a few days, I haven’t been able to reach a decision. Should I allow her to come back and live with me (provided that she gives a glowing review of tomorrow’s episode)? Or should I never speak to her again unless it involves complaining about how literally nobody appreciates this episode? I’m leaning towards number two. I don’t think her vitriol should be entertained, nor do I think that she deserves having opinions. She’s a filthy degenerate that should stick to watching that joke of a show—Breaking Bad—so she can see more of what she likes: pointless explosions and easter eggs. She clearly only has the capacity to understand this show if it’s in the form of some stupid cameo by 2 irrelevant characters.

I’d love to hear any thoughts on this matter, so long as they agree with everything I said. Also, if you haven’t done so, please head on over to IMDb and rate ‘Nippy’ 10 stars.

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