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My entire family was absolutely livid. Then we watched the post race show with Nico Shitberge in it. Talking about how totos playing a mental game with Lewis because George came 4th. They’re acti g like George made multiple amazing overtakes. Correct me if I’m wrong but there was a calamity in the first lap. Plus I don’t think it’s hard to over take cars when they’re backwards. Ontop of that George was barely holding position. Noriss was pulling away and bottas almost took 4th from George. The whole field was about to be on Georges ass. And these commentators have the gull to say the George is doing more with the same car even though the only reason why he’s there is because of shear fucking luck. I swear merc better come to my state with a fucking missile this race. There is no way they went from a championship winning team to a back marker in one year. And they keep making it seem like Lewis is loosing his touch. Although he ain’t. Everything he wins its pure luck. But when he looses its all his fault and he’s just not that good. Nico Rosberge could go and suck my dick. One hit fucking wonder acting like he so great although it took his ass two years to beat Lewis then he retired. No wonder he’s a commentator. He just absolute dog shit. He don’t have the money to truly retire from f1.

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