Listen to rich friend for advice

My rich friend is really smart and really successful so he give me advice, he says,

“Just be cautious of any gold coins. They don’t even have to be the really big kind. Drop too many of those out of your blimp and you’ll get yourself in a lot of trouble.”

Which I, y’know, I don’t foresee that becoming an issue. I mean, for starters I’d have to have a blimp. He’s pretty rich so he doesn’t know how most people live.

“I mean dude – if you’ve got LOT. OF. REALLY. BIG. GOLD. COINS? I’m your blimp? Anything goes wrong, my blimp explodes, sending gold coins at the speed of a bullet from the barrel of a gun, my blimp dropping like a rock out of the sky, I can tell you there’s a lot of places I’d rather be than a free falling blimp, exploding with gold, plummeting towards the ground.”

Yeah, I mean good advice in general I suppose.

“A disaster like that would destroy your reputation. All of sudden your flight of fancy ain’t so whimsical. All of a sudden, it’s not so easy being the most famous CEO Billionaire in the world, with the biggest blimp, and the most gold, because people on Twitter are going, “*hey, remember when we didn’t have to worry about CEO Billionaires and their giant luxury blimps, exploding with gold, falling out of the sky?*”

Okay yeah, I do remember that. Wasn’t too long ago if I recall.

“And of course, I eject and parachute to safety. I didn’t want to stay on that blimp! But everyone is mad when the guy who caused the disaster emerges unscathed. It’s like, I get it! Like if you keep saying the death toll was “staggering” it’s going to bring anyone back to life? What about me? What about my blimp? And my gold? You think CEO Billionaires like me can afford as many gold blimps as we want, well there’s one thing I REALLY can’t afford. I can’t afford to crash another blimp that’s what I can’t afford to do.”

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