Listening to Kendrick Lamar has made me appreciate my black girlfriend even more

When I was little, I always thought I enjoyed the fine diversity of the world, I’ve given a liking to Asian women, Latina’s, as yours truly is a border crossing enjoyer 🛣️ I’ve dated them, living in California, especially Southern, all I ever saw was Mexicans, pure brown like the beans my cousin Armando Guan Guadairez picks for the locals. Untill, I met this lovely woman one state away, a beautiful young lady with a caramel complexion, I was in love, we are long distance, or should I say, were.

The curls on the afro of this Mali goddess, it’d no wonder I was in hoops for her, the vintage way she dresses, a clear descendant of African queens.

On our first date, I needed to find a way to appeal to her the most, impress her in the best way, knowing she was a To Pimp a Butterfly person, I decided to study the great gospels of Kendrick Lamar, dissecting each line of songs such as “Blacker the berry” “institutionalized” “HiiPower” “Complexion”

With the vast knowledge collected from Kendrick, as the soft jazz played in the restraunt, I was filled with even more glee, jazz! Just like Kendrick Lamar’s album!!! She sat down, I can tell by the look on her face she is bound to be astonished.

“Complexion, it don’t mean a thang” I said, she looked in amazement at my statement, her breath taken away, she even asked “What?” For furthermore clarification, “shit don’t change, if you don’t get up and wash yo ass brotha” I told her Kendricks grandma told him that, “What the fuck does Kendrick have to do with me?” I was confused, I thought as a black woman, she would’ve known the cultural impact he’s had on the culture, I so resorted to discussing more relatable topics, important questions to the table “Did you weep for Trayvon Martin? Would gangbanging make you kill a brotha blacker than you” She was shocked, taken aback by such amazing, critical questions, judging by my propeller hat, she was also quite turned on.

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  1. When I was a kid, I always thought I enjoyed the beautiful diversity of the world, I gave a taste to Latin Asian women, because you’re really an amateur… This charming woman met a state, and a beautiful young woman with a caramel installation, you’re in love, and we’re long distance, or if I said, was.

    Africa’s bags of these financial gods. No wonder I was in peanuts for them.

    On our first date, I needed to find a way to attract more, to impress him in the best way, knowing that the pimp was a butterfly person, decided to study the great Bibles of Kendrick Lamar,

    With the enormous knowledge gathered from Kendrick like the soft jazz that played in the rest, you were more a kid, Jazz!

    I said, I looked at my statement, her breath was removed, so I asked what, for more details, “Don’t change, if you don’t get up and wash your ass.” I told his grandmother Kendrick that he said, “I was confused, I thought she was a black woman, she would know the cultural impact he had on culture, I had a lot to talk about more satisfying things. You’re going to kill a black Proth more than you. I shocked him. Unbelievable and critical questions, judging my push hat.

  2. I hope I’ve added to the top of his delinquent pet them, and hard on it. It’s so there’s minimal margin in other day 9. Add to find another Ariana Grande concert with rhetorical question anything? We’re us.

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