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Let me ask you all a question. I am *really* a furry for nutting to Lola Bunny NSFW? I believe Oxford dictionary defines furry as to “be covered in fur” or “to have a fur like touch.” I, for one, am not covered in fur as I schmack my schmeat to the looney tunes female bunny unless you count dick hair. The urban dictionary which is defined by public use defines furry as a person who acts and/or dresses as an anthropomorphic animal. I, my friends, do not dress **or** act like an anthropomorphic animal. I do not want to be an animal and I don’t want to act like one either. I am a simple man who just gets horny for a hot looking bunny made by Warner Brothers as sex appeal ON purpose. Like many of you I do not have a girlfriend so it gets lonely. I say to you once more, nutting to Lola Bunny does *not* make you a furry.

I wouldn’t nut during November though.

#Lola #Bunny

What do you think?

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  1. Let me ask all the questions. I have long hair * grandmother bunny nsfw? I think Phahauk Maxford referred to long hair like “covered hair” or “wool hair”. I am not covered with my hair when I draw Schmeani Looney tones for women. If you don’t tell me, the city dictionary depicts the use of long people and / or clothes that are human animals. My friend, use * or ** make a human animal. I don’t want to be an animal and I don’t do it. I am a simple person with that. Burn old brothers when we complain about sex. Like many of them, I have no sad women. I told you again. On the other hand, write rabbits, do not do * long hair.

    I don’t want to be November.

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