(Anti: Loli/Anime Girl Hater)
I’m a victim of CSA and when I was 12, I was assaulted. I came here to ask 1 question: Why do Antis exist? Lolis are harmless, and it is so very clear that the Antis are 2 things.
1: Pedo Apologists: By ignoring real, tangible children, and focusing on the Based Loli Likers, they allow real predators to go around and diddle all the kids they want.
2: Coping, Seething, and Malding Schizos: By showing their hatred for drawings and comparing them to real, tangible children, it is very clear to see that they are schizos and have no feelings for actual kids, and cope with that by seething and malding over fictional characters and drawings because their life is in a downward spiral and they’re the shut-in neckbeards that they claim us to be


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