LOR for erection at work

This is sort of a long story but I’ll be brief as possible. Thanks for the help in advance.

I’m on several kinds of prescribed medications and also take vitamins. Since I often have to take these pills at work, I usually carry around ziploc bags with my pills and vitamins separated by color. One of my vitamins is a blue vitamin B pill. About 3 months ago, I was having erection trouble in the bedroom with my wife (I’m younger than usual for this sort of thing but it’s related to some of my other health issues). It took a while, but my PCM was eventually able to get me an erectile disfunction medicine prescription.

Fast forward to the beginning of this week. I’m getting all my little bags ready for the work week, sorting all of my pills by color. I figured I would also sort the blue ED pills into a separate bag and leave them at home. The start of Monday morning, I’m packing my backpack for work and put my blue vitamin b pills in my backpack and leave the ED pills in their bag on the counter. Little to my knowledge, my wife didn’t know I was leaving these pills at home. While I was in the shower, she saw the bag of ED pills on the counter, assumed they were my vitamin pills and I had forgot to pack them, and went ahead and put them in my backpack. Two days later, when it was time to take my vitamins at work, I reach into my backpack and grabbed a bag of blue – what I assumed were – vitamins. I popped two and went about my day.

30 minutes after lunch, I realize something is wrong. I’m sitting at my desk in our shop and I get an erection that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I didn’t know that I had accidentally taken the wrong blue pills but I know this isn’t right. As I’m walking around the shop I’m trying desperately to hide it, but it’s pretty clear that something is up. Still, I think no harm no foul since it’s my own body. But the rest of the workday was like that.

Today, I get called into my supervisors office and told that one of the female airmen complained about me and said that I was being inappropriate and made her feel uncomfortable. I ask what this is about and my supe says “I think you know what this is about, do you really want me to go into more detail?”. Long story short, I was told that this airmen is considering an EO complaint against me, and in the mean time I was given an LOR for “unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances in the workplace, specifically the display of genitalia under clothing clearly visible to coworkers”. Once I realized what was happening, I tried to explain myself but my supervisor told me to stop quibbling.

I have three days to respond to this and I am truly at a loss for words. This was really just one big mistake but I feel like my leadership wouldn’t believe me and even if they did they wouldn’t care. The embarrassment from this is so great I haven’t even told my wife. Please, I really need your guys’ advice as I’m in a really bad place right now.

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