Los Pollos Hermanos Training Video: Communication

Hello! And welcome to the Los Pollos Hermanos family. My name is Gustavo, but you can call me “Gus”. I am thrilled that you’ll be joining our team. Each and every day, we serve our customers exceptional food, with impecable service. We take pride in everything that we do. And after this week’s online seminar, I’m sure you’ll fit right in. I like to think I see things in people. To begin, I’d like to talk about the cornerstone of the Los Pollos Hermanos brand. Communication. As an employee of Los Pollos Hermanos, you set the tone for the entire dining experience. Be mindful of what your words, and behavior communicate to our guests. Always be aware of your posture, remember to stand up straight. Your customers and your back will thank you for it. Put effort into your appearance, all employees are required to dress appropriately. Keep your uniform clean, and pressed. If you want respect, you must look respectable. Speak in complete sentences, we never use one word greetings like “Hey” or “Yeah?” Always make eye contact, and finally, whenever you’re with a customer or not, remain composed. Inside, you can be thinking about your homework, or friends, or your side business, but no one should ever know it. Because at Los Pollos Hermanos, someone… Is always watching. So dont forget to smile! Thats all for today, see you next time when we’ll be discussing cleanliness.

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  1. Lug and welcome to her family, my name is Gustavo, but you can call me Gus. I like to join our team every day and every day we serve our customers great food with inappropriate service. We are proud of everything we do and after this week’s online seminar. I like to think I’ve seen things in people let me start, I want to talk about the basis of the brand Los Fubus Hermanos. Calling as an employee of Hanos Los Votos, I put a tone to try food, be careful with your words, and the behaviour that connects with our guests. You’re always careful of your attitude, remember to stand straight, your client and your return will be grateful for that. Save your clean costume and push if you want to respect, you must look decent. Talk in a whole sentence, we don’t use one word of greeting like hey or yes? You always make eye contact, and finally, every time you’re with your client or you’re not still a writer. Inside, you can think of your domestic work, or friends, or your side work, but there’s nothing to know. Because in Los Angeles Hermanos, someone. Always watching so don’t forget to smile everything for today, see next time we discuss hygiene.

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