Losing my virginity was the worst thing that ever happened to me, it ruined my life.

I went on omegle and there was this 11/10 woman that had the same interests as me, she loved the same shows, sports and she also loved biking. I love biking so much, it feels so much faster and more freeing than being in a car. I fell in love immediately and she did too, she was the girl of my dreams and We wanted to meet up but I couldn’t go out without a guardian so I waited until my parents weren’t home, I then texted her to “come over ;)”. The thing is it just occurred to me she lived 2 hours away but she was able to bike all the way to my house so it was alright. I opened the door and she was way taller than me and she immediately started making out with me, her sweat from the bike ride was so pungent but I thought it was rude to tell her to shower so we just kept making out until we made it to my room. Her breath reeked of cigarettes and a hint of puke, I asked her for her age, and turns out she was 26, 10 years older than me but at the time I was very vulnerable and just let it happen.

She kept slapping my face out of nowhere for some reason while she was grinding at me; my cheeks and even one of my teeth hurt. We made out even more and eventually both of us got naked. She pushed me down and held my arms to the bed and sat on my face, it smelled so bad, like sour fish, she shaved, but it was so scratchy like a beard, she forced me to lick it so i did and I couldn’t breath half the time my head hurt and it tasted so bad. She stood up and she asked me if I was ready to be a man so I pulled out a condom but she punched me in the eye and told me to just put it in raw. It hurt so badly so I just agreed with her. and when she put it in her it was so tight it hurt so much but after 2 strokes I already came inside her. I looked up to see her face and she was furious so she punched me again and told me I was worthless. She reached for her bag and pulled out something and I heard belt sounds, she started wearing something and it turns out she put on an 8-inch strap-on dildo. I kept begging her to stop but she punched me again and again so my body just went limp and I quietly sobbed. She flipped me over, she lubed the dildo with her spit and she inserted it and kept pushing in and it hurt so badly I thought I was going to die, she eventually got it in and she kept violently thrusting in and out and every time I screamed she either spanked me with a belt or punched me, she ended up doing it for 20 minutes until she left with no trace and I just laid on the bed crying, I didn’t leave the bed for the whole day I kept sobbing onto my pillow.

Don’t have sex guys, it will ruin your life, I had to go to therapy.

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