Low Tier God’s (LTG) speech

You’re obsessed with me, you fucking f*g! And y’all ni*gas can clip this, this ni*ga come on my stream 24/7 with a VPN ,getting banned thousands of times a stream, and still comes in here and sucks my dick and obsesses over me. You are a worthless bitchass ni*ga. Your life, literally, is as valuable as a summer ant. I’m just gonna stomp you, you’re gonna keep coming back, I’m gonna seal up all my cracks. You’re gonna keep coming back, why? Cause you keep smelling the syrup, you worthless bitchass ni*ga. You’re gonna stay on my dick until you die. You serve no purpose in life, your purpose in life is to be on my stream sucking on my dick, daily. Your purpose is to be in *that* chat blowing a dick daily. Your life is *nothing*, you serve *zero* purpose! You should kill yourself *now*, and give somebody else a piece of that oxygen in the ozone layer, that’s covered up so we can breathe inside this blue trapped bubble. What are you here for, to worship me? Kill yourself! I mean that with a 100% with a 1000%! I’ve never seen somebody so worthless in my life. I, deadass, have not seen such a more worthless ni*ga, in my life. If he has kids, oh my god, imagine if a ni*ga like that has kids. Like, imagine. Imagine if somebody like that actually has kids. I would feel so sorry for his children, because the ni*ga literally serves no fucking purpose. Imagine a father, now we got lots of ni*gas with wives and kids and shit, that suck my dick daily on the internet, but imagine if this ni*ga actually had children. This ni*ga is devoting the time he could spending with his kids, checking out a black man on stream, cucking over him relentlessly! That’s crazy! I’ve never seen somebody so relentless to be seen, somebody value so worthless that they’ll come into a fucking stream, and keep coming into this bitch over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, and we keep banning him! Ni*ga, let’s do you a favour. Let’s go to the 99¢ store and pick out a rope together. I’m’a give you an assisted suicide. Let’s pick out a rope together, right? And we’re gonna take all the greatest troll clips, put a TV screen right in-front of you. I’m gonna hang that rope from the top of the motherfucking garage. We’re gonna forcefully pry your eyes open, we probably don’t even need to do that cause you’re on my dick daily. We’re gonna pry your eyes open until you consistently watch clips over and over and over and over and over again. To the point where you’re like: “Wait a minute, this is little bit too much.” You’re just gonna start going crazy. You’re just gonna start going crazy. Your eyes are gonna bleed, your retinas are gonna starrt during out blood and getting cracked and veins in your retinas are gonna start engaging and bulging. Them im gonna grab that rope for you and say: “Are you ready?” You’re gonna say: “Yes.” And im gonna take it pull it! While you begged me, and I mean begged me to kill you.


Yes, I step by step wrote this down listening to every word he said.
As far as I know, no-one else has done this so far. I know of one but that one is like 5 Lines long nowhere near mine.

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  1. I really love you! y’all can clip the Ni* gas, nid*ga get 24/7 off the wagon, restricts thousands of streams and still has it. This is a n*ga. Their life is valued as a summer meter. I am just a village, you have heard, I am going to burn all my dreams. Who wants? It causes a feeling of syrup, there is no general meaning. He stays on Moi dłoshancu until he falls. You know how to do anything in my life, your life is my stream. The goal of it is to talk, which throws a day. Their life is not good because they do not follow. He must kill himself and give another oxygen to the ozone layer, which is covered, and we can breathe in this blue color. Have you read? It is estimated that it will be 1000 units in 100%. I never saw my life incomplete. And the dead were not seen as such a Nega. If he is a child, I have my god, I think if Nid is a children. Like imagination. If there is a child. He feels like his children as he does not use it. His father, now there are many free yoga with his wife and children, who sleep every day in the endocrine, but feels that if children are free of charge. It is n*ga, black streams, a tractor can check when he can spend his children. This is crazy. He never saw a cogus as a non-human, as it proved, of course the value of such an incomplete thing that they come in slaughter, and to maintain us on głupca, over and over and over, and Nesbronionon! You like. They do not go into 99 magazines and choose the rope. He helps suicide. They allow for rope. All the biggest hits, television screens in the theme. I’m gonna visi, which is linay with the upper part of the garage. We are able to get out of my eyes, and we probably don’t do that we can cause the day to go. It is clear that as long as it will not be seen more and more religions. At that point, it can be said, “I have a lot. He begins crazy. It only starts a gona nuts. The gonna of the rheumatoid during the eyes, blood and blood of the gonna is shattered, and the gonna begin to grow and dive while living in rhetine. “I am ready” when I am going to kill me.


    He wrote this step, listening to each word.
    No one has done this. Only the same, but one of them I have five long lines.

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