Bro… LSD is a crazy drug. Did I ever tell you about the time I took LSD and then this dumbass little shit asked me if I did acid and I told that little bitch “no little bitch, I would never do acid you stupid shitter, I did LSD.” He started spitting this propaganda that was probably racist or something about how they were the same thing, so I told him “holup lil bitch, I got a treat for ya in my bag” and you know damn well I whipped right around and gave that little lying fuck a lethal dose of heroin right to the dome.

Anyway, I turned around and walked through the rainbow tunnel into the hall with rainbow eyeballs (you know the one) and realized I was stepping on someone’s eyes, so I was like “shee bruh my b” and looked down, but when I looked back up I was in the middle of space with this Karen bitch I saw on YouTube, and no one was around to witness me pulling all the cords off of her astronaut suit because I don’t fuck wit those hoes ya feel?

Anyway, I came out of the dentist office and then walked on the grass leading back to the road – “wait, dentist?? NITROUS!” so I sprinted back into the orthodontist room, pulled off my dental headgear and ripped out one of my teeth, gave it all to my dentist and cried “please sir gimme nitrous right now sir I need that shit bruh I be fiending. This equipment and tooth should be more than sufficient payment sir I just need my nitrous my slime!!!” So my dentist was just being a mufuckin homie and he set me up so you know I dap that fuckboy up bc I fuck wit that level of bro understanding. So I’m strapped in and he turns on the gasflow as I sink into, and then really *into* my chair.

Anyway, since that whole dentist thing was a daydream, I was still on the grass, and I saw this fatass squirrel. Lemme tell you what this little dude did – mufucka jumped right out of the top of a fuckin tree and just landed on his face and died on the spot. I was like “tf, buddy just committed sepuku on a blade of grass” so I like wobble over to the little animal homie and give this bitch cpr, but he ain’t coming back to life. The cpr devolves into a make out sesh, and then some deer pull up too for the orgy. I realize I’m in over my head and I’m just like “yo deer, he’s all yours” and dip tf out. I hop in my car and start back on the road

Anyway, I forgot where I was headed, but I ended up at shambhala so you know I’m pulling up. I walk in, blasted, go up to the terror trip room they got setup which is basically a fuckin little kids playroom complete with coloring books and stuffed animals, and I sock one of the staff in the face for being so silly that they could think any mofos would need that childish of shits for a bad trip. As she is squirming on the ground having a seizure (I was wearing brass knuckles with instant release meth on them), I yelled at that bitty I was like “tf kinda Reggie ass weed you smoking hoe, I ain’t no bitch and bad trips don’t exist (there are no good and bad trips, just trips)” and bitty legit just sobers up instantly, looks up, and she’s like “yeah, bruh you’re right that’s actually mad facts I’m glad I share that opinion with you”


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