mabye his grammar is the reason he’s so lonely

It’s been 3 years I have felt any human touch, no kidding, I once jacked for 4 hours to unspeakable shit at night from 3a.m. to 7a.m. in morning, after finishing and seeing what I was watching, how long I have been watching, the time at which I was watching, the post nut clarity was so hard, I just sat for 30-40min sweating and thinking what I am doing with my life, it was so bad that I went outside and touched grass, like literally I touched grass that’s how desperate and pathetic I was, still am nothing has improved.

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  1. I felt human contact. In the year, I did not die, and I was immersed for 4 hours once, in the morning at 3 a.m. at 7 a.m. at night at 7 a.m., after finishing and I saw what I see, how long I see, in the time I see, the cleaning of the nuts is too hard, I think I feel for the sweat of 30-40min and I thought it was with my life, the right came out and I wrote.

  2. Ha sido 3 años que me he dado cuenta de cualquier toque humano, ningún bebé, una vez me asalté durante 4 horas por la noche de 3a.m a 7a.m por la mañana, que estaba buscando, cuánto tiempo veo, en el momento en que estaba buscando, la claridad de post nueces era tan difícil, que sólo sudo 30-40min y me preguntaba qué estoy haciendo con mi vida era tan malo que salí y el pasto desesperado no estaba bien

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