making love to Zoe Kravitz while Jason Momoa fucks me from behind

[M4A] making love to Zoe Kravitz while Jason Mamoa fucks me from behind

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+

I’d love to play out a scene with Zoe Kravitz, my forbidden lover, and Jason Mamoa who is fighting to win Zoe Kravitz from me.

As I make love to Zoe, Jason interrupts and starts yelling and throwing things around. He takes off his clothes and enters the bed. I fight him off, and insert my small penis into Zoe. She moans. Jason punches me from behind, and while I have sex with Zoe doggy style, he forces his monster cock into me.

In order to really connect with Zoe physically and spiritually, I need to feel what Zoe’s feeling as I am inside her. I need to be both the dom and the sub. I’m wearing a leather mask because my face is not good enough for Zoe’s eyes.

When I finally climax I want Jason to start fucking Zoe and give her the hardest pounding she’s ever had while I masturbate next to them.

I’m only interested in these celebs and this kink. Hmu!

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