Man it doesn’t matter if she 15

man it doesnt matter if she 15 my nigga, i like young girls, i like em 14, 15, 16, i like em real young my nigga, i don´t like them- i don´t like women in their 20s, all the girls in 20s ain´t cool, i like fucking girls like 15,14 i like fucking with them young ass females, i ain´t blowing shit my nigga, i´m a real nigga and imma keepin´ that shit real
all you niggas hating all on my fine ass
that´s some buster ass lame buster ass nigga, that´s some dirty ugly ass nigga, that nigga´s ugly
he got no female, that nigga´s dirty, that nigga´s nasty, man that nigga´s broke af

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