Massage gone sexual

So this happened about an hour go.

Excuse spelling/ formatting – dyslexic and on mobile

Last night I was in bed and my back was feeling pretty tight, so I jump on google to find a place that does a good Thai massage. I find a place and book the appointment for the next day, this is where I encounter the first red flag … there’s not really a booking system, you fill your details in and just get a generic thank you for booking message.

So today rolles around I haven’t had anything other than the first generic email but think nothing off it and make my way. I get to the place and get my next red flag … you pay by bank transfer, now this one throws me for a sec but I have had a rough day and just want to get on with this a loosen up my back, so I pay and get directed into one of the rooms. The women then tells me in the little English she knows to take my top off and leaves the room, so I take my top off and lay down, bottom half fully dress.

This is where I get the third and final red flag, she comes back in and stright away patts my ass and tells me these need to come off. Next thing I know she had taken my tracksuit bottoms off .. ok…. ow no now the underwear. So there is me unexpectedly naked face down on the table thinking wtf situation have you gotten into now.

She begins to massage me while I am there thinking wtf wtf wtf. I’m a gay man so I am not interested in anymore then a massage and am just waiting hoping its not that kind of place despite all the red flags I have ignored so far. Then it happens about 30 min in I’m now on my back keeping my eyes locked on the ceiling when all I hear is “you want sucky?” I just give a very shy no with a head shake wanting to sink into the ground when she asks again “so no sucky?” “No thank you” my awkward gay ass replies and she moves on.

So the rest of that massage was even more awkward.

Tbh she did give a good massage but no sucky for me thanks

TL;DR: gay man ignored red flags when booking a massage ends up with women offering “sucky”

P.s – I am pro sex work and think there is nothing wotng with it was just not expecting that kind of service

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