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Only once in my life did that happen. It was a random hook up and I was really drunk and couldn’t finish. I felt like my orgasm was right there but was so frustrated because I couldn’t cum.

After probably close to an hour and probably 20+ minutes of focussing on nothing but my orgasm, the girl is probably bored but putting on a show trying to get me to finish.

I pull out and for a split second, my orgasm seemed to be stuck. And then, bam! I remember the first shot letting loose and watching it fly through the air.

I think because I was drunk it seemed to go in slow motion. I watched the girl turn her face away in what looked like a Matrix-Esque style move, dodging my semen as it flew over her face and hit the headboard loud enough audibly that I heard it splat.

I saw her eyes follow the cum-tracer as it flew past and then look back down at me. That was her fatal mistake. The next shot hit her square in the right eye before she even knew it was coming.

Subsequent shots cover her body mostly.

She went right to trying to rub the cum from her eye but the whole thing seemed hilarious to me. I started a slow laugh as I thought about the initial shot hitting the headboard but in post-nut exhaustion and drunken state, it was had to form full thoughts so my laugh was weird and delayed.

Good times.

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