Meth is very therapeutic

Fr bro, meth is very therapeutic. Going into psychosis after not sleeping for a couple weeks really puts things into perspective. The shadow people and the voices really help to guide me in the right direction and influence me to make the right decisions. For example, my family was constantly nagging at me about my meth use and would refuse to accept that it’s bettering me as a person. The voices gave me advice that fixed the issue completely. They helped me realize that it’s impossible for my family to constantly nag at me if they aren’t alive. I kinda miss them now but the feeling of missing them doesn’t even compare to how annoying it was listening to them telling me I need rehab when I’m not even addicted. The doctor from the trailor park literally prescribed it to me. So I don’t understand how me just smoking my medicine is an issue when Grandmas junkie ass literally gets to shoot up her insulin and nobody bats an eye. Ohhh rightttt she has “diabetes”. Bull fucking shit diabetes isn’t even real, that’s just an excuse she uses to justify banging insulin into her veins all day. She’s the fucking addict here not me

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