Mia Khalifa isn’t a very good pornstar.

I really don’t understand how she got so popular. Was it because of the scene where she wore a hijab? From a guy’s point of view I just find her so rigid and fake

Edit: I’m now fully aware that this subject might ‘come up all the time’ on here. I don’t spend every day of my life on Madghosts so I literally have no idea haha, have a good night nonetheless

Edit 2: Also shout out to the Madghostsor who recommended me to the Madghosts Care team. I’m not sure why you did but I appreciate you looking out for me. All is good, was just a random thought that popped into my young, horny head. Anyone who is struggling please don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend, a family member or a trained professional. Mental health issues are no joke

Edit 3: I feel like I’m editing this quite a lot. I’m now fully aware of the behind the scenes stories about her porn career and this wasn’t some kind of cheap dig at her, was genuinely just an off-the-cuff post after seeing her on social media.

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