So I was creating a new realm to play on with me and my friends and I called it “femboys” but then it said that that name was not allowed.

Tf??I ended up calling it “fembooooooys” *which wasn’t censored)
I tried for ten minutes to write it on signs and it didn’t work!!Even when I Spelt it with a zero and a three (F3MB0Y). I even tried to write one half of the word on one sign and the other half on the second sign but NO.

Who working at mojang in this awful new update decided “y’know what word really needs to be removed from this game? Fucking femboys!Not those broken phantoms or OP tipped arrows!!”

Even worse after intense testing I have discovered that the word tomboy is not censored and you are free to say it whenever. Sexist much mojang??


What do you think?

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