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Minions Timeline:

4.6 billion years ago – Earth forms.

3.8 billion years ago -The Minions come into existence. They begin looking for a new boss.

70 million years ago – 2500 BC- The Minions serve a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a caveman and a Pharaoh. The named bosses are all destroyed in the process.


1431- Count Dracula was born.

1769 – Napoleon Bonaparte was born.

1788 – Minions celebrate for Dracula’s 357th birthday, but Dracula changes into ashes under sunlight (Based Minions Kills a Romanian).

1812 – Napoleon is hit by the cannon because of Minions’ carelessness (Based Minions kills a Fr*nch). The Minions get exiled to Northern Russia where they found a cave and hid in for more than a century.

1851 – The National Museum is established.

1880 – The first convention of Villain-Con is held and it’s later held annually.

1907 – Pig’s Spleen starts business in London.

1925 – Pennsylvania Best Bank is founded. One of the branches is later robbed by the Nelson family in 1968.

1926- The Daily Gru is founded, and Queen Elizabeth II was born.





April- The Nelson family goes home after a successful heist from a museum and Binky Nelson goes back in search of his pacifier, also successfully.


June – The Minions, lacking a master to guide them, become depressed. Their hopes are answered when Kevin the Minion and two other volunteers set out from the cave they were exiled in.

Friday – Kevin along with Stuart and Bob arrive in New York, where they find out that the Overkills are looking for new henchmen at Villain-Con in Orlando by the weekend.

Saturday – In the convention, it’s also shown that the Freeze Ray is an invention developed by Dr. Nefario. The minions are permitted as henchmen of Overkills and they are appointed to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth II. And Minions go to London

Sunday – After Bob becomes the king by accident, the Overkills turn back on them.

Monday – Scarlet Overkill attempts to blow up Stuart and Bob but she is defeated in London. Later, Kevin is knighted for helping to save the Minions, and the Minions find a new boss in the form of Felonius Gru, who trains them to become his new army of Minions. Gru and Dr. Nefario meet each other for the first time.


2021- OP Tries Art

2022- OP Fails Art. The minions were outside his school.



2025- WW3

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