Misa Amane isn’t funny (from Anon on Tumblr)

Misa amane isnt funny. A sense of humor depends on each person thats why it’s the hardest when aurhors write comedy. Look at the guy getting punched by will smith. Not all the jokes will have buyers. Misa is secondly the most favorite character of the author (aka mary sue). Thats why she never dies onscreen, despite she halved her lifespan twice. She gets away w/ her murders in the tv show, in the musicals, etc etc. Shes over sexualized by the anime studio – on demand of tsugumi, because he created her jus’ in order for fanservice. She acts childish all the time and its dangerous when you think about the crimes against children. Shes a poser, shes from kyoto but she uses the tokyo accent – that partly is a fault of aya hirano. Ayas voice is really terrible, i prefer the eng dub or the manga itself lol. She can’t speak there – you have the mute option always anyways. The manga is much more beautiful – when compared. I hate misa because shes an annoying chick, not that i prefer lxlight. I think L should get misa so my light could be free . i ship him with kiyomi and mikami and yuri altogether. So what? Don’t “misas backstory” me. Not everyone has to agree with her just because she saw her parents getting murdered. You know what? Not all the people go thru traumas and go be an idol. Grow up people. This chick is the epitome of mary sue and misogyny. This has nothing to do with lawlight.

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