Mona from Genshin Impact Gets Ridden Like a Bicycle While Also Explaining Why NFTs Are A Huge Scam by SexTheHex

Witchcraft and astrology brought in enough dough to pay the bills. There was truly no reason that a woman like Mona would be forced into more risque lines of work with her current financial stability. Yet, here she was, dolled up as much as possible in a decrepit slum hotel, ready to do something most unbecoming of a highly respected hex wielder.

The truth was, money had nothing to do with this. Mona just simply loved being a slut.

It felt so liberating after a long day of spellcasting to simply turn the brain off and let the flesh run wild. It felt so nice to operate on her most primal urges of indulgence, to feel nothing but the sweet touch of intimacy and the delicious high of orgasm. It felt so naughty to take off her fanciful getup of cape and gold and instead don a form fitting suit as transparent as her leggings. Her heart raced whenever someone realized her absurd black bodysuit romper was see through. She could see the realization in a man’s eye, right when they realized those purple bits were the purple heart pasties concealing her nipples.

Boys always looked at her big wide hips regardless, but having them on full display escaped from those teasing tights felt like a special celebration. All of their power, all of their delicious musculature was perfectly on display for eyes and hands alike to grope. It was all punctuated perfectly with her heels. “Elegant” best described her pumps in her normal get up. “Hooker” best described them now. They were tall, impractically tall to the point where footsteps were laborious. Still, Mona strut uninterrupted. She’d been at this for so long now it was second nature.

Down her mauve-colored shoes matching her mauve colored lipstick and eyeshadow stomped across filthy carpet toward the last room. This should be where the little rendezvous was set. She jostled the door knob. It was open.

Before Mona was a room filled with naked strangers, all erect and patiently waiting around a bed they’d moved into the middle of the inn’s space. They looked at Mona excitedly.

Mona licked her lips.

The sorceress hurried her way inside with loud clacks of her heels among the tiled entrance surface. She gave a wide smile as she maneuvered forward and plopped her ample ass down on the bed. The more impatient men were already all over her. One sprung to kiss her. She met their lips back in kind, her hands darting for the man’s cock.

Mona broke away, a cock in each hand now as the men around her started masturbating. She giggled. This is where the fun all began. Now, to really rile them up. Her pomp, elegant voice began a chord.

“Hi, I’m Mona from Genshin Impact.” Mona Genshin Impact greeted you, the reader, directly. “I’m a sorceress from the hit game smashing the charts on mobile phones, Windows, and Playstation consoles. I might have control over magic, but remember, you live in the real world where magic isn’t a thing. Things tend to make a lot of sense! That said, what’s with this whole community of people spending insane amounts of money on these weird images of animals? Isn’t that total nonsense? It is! I’m here to explain to you what the hell NFTs are, and why they’re a huge scam!”

A groan escaped from one of the men in Mona’s hands. It seemed even when describing a thousand feet introduction to a grift, her voice could melt a man to bits. The other men grew more ambitious. They closed in on the bed. One soul grew especially bold and waded across the covers with his dick out and ready. Mona got to work.

She let her lips part. Gently, they hovered closer to cock head, stretching wider and wider, until those dazzling lips were ready to sheath a cock in their folds. Mona took the last step. Over that head they went. They closed with a touch as soft as a lover’s.

That sweet, sweet taste of cock, that dizzying, sweaty taste of being a good little whore, made Mona moan in delight. She bopped her lips back and forth just a little on the phallus, just enough to leave big violet makeup marks on the underside of the glans. Her tongue whirled brusquely. The owner of the dick was leaking moans nonstop from all the excitement.

Mona surfaced for air with a loud pop. Her breathing came out heavy. “Ah-aahh… Ahhh…”

“Aaaah yeah~ Aaaah-an NFT or a non-fungible token is, essentially, an art piece stored on a cryptocurrency blockchain.” Mona explained, momentarily pausing to take a big gulp of air after her oral endeavor. “The big hook point to owning one is being able to claim ownership over some digital asset. Sounds potentially useful right?”

Mona glanced about her crew of lusty strangers to see if anyone could see some potential usefulness out of it from her rhetorical question. Even with their towering erections, they all looked genuinely interested in Mona’s take on this new and confusing phenomenon. They listened with open ears and throbbing cocks as she continued.

“So, what makes it so your NFT is unique? The truth is, other than having a receipt in a crypto wallet, nothing!” Mona continued, periodically licking at the three cocks in sucking range of her whore lips. “If someone shows you a video or some piece of art, you can save it and have functionally an identical copy! The only real thing differentiating it is that very receipt. It’s all of the negative flourishes of ownership with none of the actually owning something part. It brings the concept of scarcity into a realm where it otherwise doesn’t exist and has no good reason to exist. It’s kind of hellish!”

The men could hardly control themselves as Mona continued her pontification. There was absolutely a scarcity of bitches on their dicks. An unabashed, enthusiastic, well-educated slut like Mona was a treat to be savoured. Now, more than just those bold three souls took up around Mona on the bed. In no time at all, a whole buffet of cocks were swirling around Mona’s head. Just the heat from their cock steam, all that juicy man meat escaping tight underwear and dangling in her face for only her to enjoy, made the witch wet with anticipation. She maneuvered herself around to sate the will of these strangers as much as she could, hands flying about to savour cock and squeeze balls. Mona felt like a star…

Which, actually, gave her an idea.

“The best comparison to another product you can make with NFTs is the International Star Registry.” Mona thought up on the spot. “For those of you who may be younger, I assume most of you because you’re interested in Genshin Impact pornography, the ISR was a company that let you “name” a star. It made for a funny little gift idea, you got a certificate saying some star was named after a loved one to hang on a wall. That said, it had no real impact on the scientific world. NFTs are sort of like that! You can claim to have ownership of some image, but for basically every purpose, everyone can still use that image for whatever. Big difference here is it costs grandma $50 to name a star after her grandkid and these shitty lions from a “learn to draw” book cost a fuckwad of cash.”

Mona was a bit too much to handle. Some of the men were already starting to lose control. The patron directly behind her, seated to a front row encounter of Mona’s gorgeous, mile-long hips, was already there. With no prior warning, warm liquid crashed against Mona’s back, staining that sultry outfit of hers with big fat white testaments to her power over men. She looked back at the man almost immediately.

“You’re just going to pump and dump like that? Give me a little warning next time. I’d prefer you cashed out in my mouth. I guess flaunting your assets on my body is fine too~” Mona teased.

Hands started to touch Mona. The men wanted something to hold on to now, not just the touch of their fuckpuppet’s hands. Their longing stirred Mona to continue her crusade. “Now, who would ever care? We’ve already had big dumb digital economies in things like TF2 and Diablo, what makes this one special? Well, the fact that it’s toes are dipped in the world of cryptocurrency has people interested. Crypto still burns off a ton of energy doing very little. Maybe it’s fine in very conservative bursts of activity, but tons of people are interested and want to see the meteoric price rises that precious few truly got to ride that bitcoin and dogecoin experienced. Thus, it’s all fused together into the next repulsive evolution of Beanie Babies, with gargantuan price tags and a real cost to human living!”

This was the good shit. These hands were exactly what she wanted. This was what made that special kinky tingle in Mona’s head scream in delight as the group of strangers manhandled her. She felt like a toy, a blowjob doll all these men were spending their pent up desire on all at once. She treasured every squeeze of her breasts, delighting in every tweek of her nipples. She relished those hands and lips outright worshipping her bottom. Most of all, she felt like a big dumb Barbie bimbo as one man in particular played with her face, angling it, sticking his fingers in her mouth, treating her like an object good for nothing more than their pleasure. It felt so fucking good to let lose and be a whore.

The men, fueled by raw primal lust and a respect of Mona’s abilities to simplify esoteric tech nonsense, took control and started posing the girl as Mona’s tyraid continued.

“Probably the most pressing concern for why NFTs are bad are their environmental impact. Most NFT transactions are made with a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, which gobbles up irresponsible amounts of energy to operate. Essentially, to stop DDOS attacks or foul play, most cryptocurrencies use a process of doing a bunch of wheel spinning to authenticate anything in their blockchain, essentially a big data line. Getting real estimates of how much exactly this impacts the environment are elusive, but the general repercussions are huge. One ethereum transaction is the electrical energy consumption equivalent of watching over 13,000 hours of HD SFM porn of me shaking my fat ass!” Mona exclaimed. “NFTs suck up even more with their ridiculous data encoding. It’s truly a ludicrous volume of energy wastefulness!”

Just as Etherium burns through endangered habitats, the pile of people on the crowded bed were burning with passion as they descended into primal lust. The pull of the hands grew firmer. Fingers dug into clothes. Rips rung out. Mona had to be enjoyed in her purest form, a slut totally naked aside from a pair of high heels. The flurry of bodies was a groaning mess as men sought out pleasure any way they could. Cocks started to probe. One finally sunk into Mona’s pussy.

Mona gasped. “F-fuck me! Fuck your bitch meat! Make me scream from your fat cocks!”

The men complied. Mona went down as one of the men moved in for his round with her pussy. Two more took to getting jerked by her hands as she pumped away. Everyone else’s hands and cocks were touching everywhere. Mona was in a total heaven of cock and scam debunking.

“Environmental concerns are for sure the biggest problem with NFTs, but even then, they and crypto in general are stooped in a lot of shady stuff. There’s tons of pumping and dumping and many plans revolving around impossible levels of growth.” Mona elaborated. “Just recently at the time of my pussy pumping, the Squid Game currency went from $2800 to $0 in a span of minutes. The creators cashed out and bailed! Sure, not ever-GHNNNKKLLLL”

Mona’s case study of crypto being an unregulated nightmare hellscape was interrupted by a huge dick plunging into her face. She took time to pause and please the stranger as best she could. She held still like a good girl and let the man fuck her face as if she really were just a sex toy. Tears in her eyes smudged her makeup. The man’s cock was painted purple with her sparkling lipstick. Once he’d had his fill, stroking to bust across her face, Mona continued her explanation without pause.

“Sure, not every crypto is that obvious a scam, but many are thinly veiled with no incentive not to scam their audience.” Mona gargled, taking a second to cough on the mix of spittle and pre in her well fucked throat. “Many smaller communities have already died with the creators taking the money and running off. Those who were left behind just had gross avatars, useless coins, and an ultra embarrassing false hope it’ll all bounce back one day. Remember! This is all fair play! Crypto is a rules-free environment where you’re at the mercy of some dude with a shitton of graphics cards hooked together or billionaires with empty souls trying to get even more money!”

Mona’s words started to have some bounce to them now, purely as the result of man smashing against her body fucking her as she spoke. “You might also be asking “Why did someone make a Squid Game cryptocurrency?” Perfectly valid question. The answer is: we’re in hell. Actually, you are at least. I’m feeling pretty gucci right now in Mondstadt getting gangbanged by 6 hung studs.”

As semen continued to drain out of cocks onto Mona’s body, the men grew more direct. Instead of one clumsy passion ball, they organized now. Mona was sat up on her hands and knees with a line of men formed behind her. They were all going to take turns busting inside that sweet pussy one by one!

The first moved in. Mona winced as the man grabbed her by her handlebars, yanking her twin pigtails as support while his cock plunged inside her. She smiled bright. Fuck, these dudes were even sating her hair-pulling kink! Just like that, he was off. Minutes on end of rabbit-like fucking ran wild. The obscene sound of hips colliding with ass rang out loud enough it could be heard outside the hotel room. Better yet, just as Mona felt that deep warmth of a load blowing inside her, the man was already away with a new dude ready to crush her pussy. It was total heaven.

Feeling joy this sincere, Mona felt it was important to comment that no crypto art was sincerely deriving any sort of human emotion out of their work, beyond greed.

“You’ve probably seen a few headlines of stupid pallettes going for insane amounts of money.” Mona mentioned. “Don’t buy into that! A lot of this is wash trading; trading to oneself at a profit or loss to make it look like there’s actual interesting activity going on. It’s illegal in the actual stock market, but totally fair game for crypto! Now, it’s just mixed in with art fraud. It’s the digital equivalent of that stupid banana art exhibit. No one actually thinks this shit is art, they’re just getting it appraised by a friend so they can make a killing. Or, well, they’ve tricked a few gullible tech bros, hustle culties, and fiat-despising anarcho-capitalist weirdos into thinking a receipt to a Videlectrix sprite is worth anything. Tricking a few people out of several thousand dollars is a great way to pay for even more expensive ads to rope in even more fools! Maybe you can even use a few people the grift spared as examples this scam really works! You just need to totally ignore survivor biaAAAAASS!”

Mona yelped in a mix of surprise, pain, and giddy excitement as she felt one of the men finally violate her ass. A big fat lubed cock opted to plunge inside her forbidden hole when his time at the fuck bitch arrived. Mona’s brain was on short circuit just from the sheer quantity of nerves being stimulated from a shaft violating her anus.

Yet, why stop there though? Mona’s partners were voracious. They saw a hole not being used and moved in to sate their lust. Another man moved in below the presenting bitch witch as he plunged inside her pussy. It was almost too much to bear. Mona was flat out screaming in delight! That ceased quickly however, as a third man clogged her throat and triple penetrated their sorceress whore. Even then, cocks were still pumping just outside of range, blowing loads at a moment’s notice, showering Mona’s body in white love! It was exhausting, deliciously and totally draining. Mona went limp and sunk into the control of these animals, happy to provide a cum dumpster for them to fill. Then, just as she felt all her holes take a load of sticky white and thought it was all over, places swapped. It all started over again…

Mona was losing consciousness. As that last cock finally withdrew from her lips and semen spilled out her mouth, she had one last thing to say. She actually wasn’t sure if speaking right now wouldn’t just be the sound of her gargling gametes, but tried anyway. To her surprise, her gaped mouthpussy produced words.

“Being some investment scam poisons the water for any and every other potential use for this shit; don’t ever let someone talk you into believing otherwise. It’s some emperor’s clothes bullshit with no practical use. Be sure to laugh at people trying to sell you on this scam.” Mona choked out. “…And hey, It’s way more rewarding investing in big fat juicy dicks instead of NFTs”

Now, covered in cum, left alone on a ruined bedspread, semen leaking from her spread legs, Mona had one last message. She raised both hands in peace signs and let out a jizz-drenched bellow.

“Save a rainforest, ratio a monkey!”

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