Morbius is best monvie

After a long, hard day of Morbius work, I go home and hop on my PC and order a Morbius shirt. I then go onto Madghosts to Morbius lurk, hoping to see a video of Jared Leto doing the Morbius twerk. I finally find the video, and slowly start to Morbius jerk, edging until I finally climax and shout “IT’S MORBIN’ TIME” as I go Morbius beserk. I later go to the basement, and sit by my Morbius shrine, while I slowly sip a glass of fine Morbius red wine. I stare intensely at a photo of Jared Leto, my future Morbius wife. “Morbius is love,” I whisper, tenderly. “Morbius is life.”

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