Morbius ruined my life

Micheal Morbius once said “It’s morbin time!”. For a long time I didn’t know the true meaning behind that phrase until one day, I got a package in the mail addressed to my house. I opened the box, and inside was a free morbius movie in dvd format. I was delighted to watch the entire movie 13-14 times that night. Now this might seem completely normal to you, but I became addicted. As time went by I started to watch it more and more. Slowly but surely I began to run out of minutes in each day not taken up by thoughts of the morb. I started to sleep only 2 hours per night, and do everything else whilst watching Morbius. Yes you heard that right, I would eat while watching morbius. I would shit while watching morbius. I would morb while watching morbius. Now since I only had 22 hours to watch morbius per day, I decided to watch it at 2x speed to double the number of times I watched it per day. This quickly got too slow for my taste, so I bumped it up to 50x speed, so I could watch it over 300 times per day. My life felt complete… But then, just as I reached peak morb, some IDIOT entered my house thinking they knew what they were doing, and turned the lights on. This single act killed my eyes permanently because I had not seen any light other than my computer screen for 5 long years. I went blind, and now I can no longer watch morbius. All I can do is listen to the sound of Micheal Morbius saying “it’s morbin time”. How could this have happened? I traded everything for Morbius, only to lose it all in the end. My life is empty, and I’m running out of time. I need your advice.

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