Morbius sex

“First pigeon lore, now this, what’s next?”

Morbius sex.

Imagine it. Passionate descriptions of a monster’s asshole, comparing the pleasure and Size. I’d say that Morbius has a somewhat canine dick, with a knot. The knot would be enlarged, granting better trajectory for cumshoot. They could throw venom, doctor octopus for amazing sexual positions involving tentacles and strong arms. Imagine the blowjobs with venom’s teeth. it’s be amazing. Oh, imagine being dominated by those strong hot and feral men, holding you down against a wall with examinating every other centimetre of your body, passing that crazy tongue all over my slutty body whine I try to break without success. By the end, I’ll be begging for his feral, wolf-like cum, while he devours my insides with his huge, 20 inches canine dick. As I scream “Put the knot in!”, he goes mad and I fall unconscious, only to be awaken mere minutes later by his throbbing hot cock. In the next day, I am laying, covered in yellow-ish semen and passionately drinking it while he seductively kisses my legs.

Sorry for my bad English by the way

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