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# Tarkov Skills Helped Me Dispatch A Burglar:


I pulled up the driveway in my lifted Powerstroke, but noticed something was immediately off…… I could hear someone rifling through the gym bag in the 2nd floor kitchen. I knew it wasn’t family or friends, I play Tarkov for fun.

I rushed to the unlocked military weapons crate sitting outside my garage, a shiny new AK-103 inside. I bust down the front door with my boot, sure to catch anyone inside off guard. No movement on first floor, but I could Immediately pinpoint the location of the thief after hearing him swallow a single Ibuprofen upstairs. Knowing his position, i could confidently push up the stairs, firing periodically in his direction to keep him from pushing out of the room.

Ears ringing from the 15 rounds I fired walking up the staircase, I can still hear him in the master bathroom. Learning from the single most effective room clearing tactic in Tarkov, I throw 7 grenades into the bathroom to get him to push out of cover, but no dice. All the grenades landed in the small trashcan next to the toilet, He’s entirely untouched. I sprint in front of the door sill 3 times to try and pinpoint his position. After winding up my Heelys, i roll into the room at 27 miles per hour and shoot him in the face, catching him completely off-guard.

Burglar dispatched, I exfil out the hole in the fence behind my house, playing Geneburn to celebrate.

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  2. Tarkov’s skills help me with a thief

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    I took the driver in my stadium, but I noticed that something was immediately closed 2 – one of the gym bags in the kitchen on the ground can hear inflation. I knew I was neither family nor friends. I play Tarkov.

    When I was sitting outside my garage, I opened a new light engine, I closed the front door with my shoes and I let everybody keep secrets, there is no movement on the first floor, but just after there is an ibuprofen higher than the top of the intersect, it can detect the site flight. by its location, I pay the stairs safely, I keep pushing the room periodically under the fever.

    fifteen passengers who see boilers pull on the ladder to walk, I still hear it in the main bathroom. I learned from the most effective play that interprets the tactics at Tarkov, I threw seven bombs in the bathroom to get them out of the blanket, but there’s no burst. All the bombs, in the small trash next to the toilet, don’t touch completely. I’m trying to locate the print site three times in front of the door fragment. After finishing my care, I turn the clock in a 27-mile room and kill the face, take full protection.

    Lightning was sent, and I think of a hole on the fence behind my house, and I play to celebrate the jenburn.

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