my boss sent me back to the pigeon sex infested neighborhood.

As I experienced before, I promised myself to never go to the pigeon sex neighborhood but my boss said if I refuse to do it he will put me out of my job but I love my job as a deliverer.

So, I requested everytime I go there my salary must go up by 60% and he agreed, then I asked what item should I deliver and he look at me in the eye and said, “if I tell you you’re gonna regret it” I said “im fine, I heard some fucked up shit I’m not a child I’m 39 years old man”, after hearing my confidence he whispered to me the words I will never forget, “we need to provide sex toys for all the pigeon fucker in that neighborhood like pigeon bondage, pigeon sized maid dress, pigeon sized blindfold and some other stuff.

Im shocked but not terrified,than my boss said, “you were the only one who been there and survived, my past employee either died by the pigeon or addicted to the pigeonussy and ignored work, I raise it to 90% if you agree do this forever” I agreed.

My boss smiled at me and give me the addresses and the parcel, while I drive to the neighborhood I began to think, how did my boss know about the pigeon sex and how did he prepared, we been selling weapons,drugs, personal information but never pigeon themed sex items, I ignored all that thought by focusing on the 90% raise salary,

This is my job now, my boss never sent me to a normal neighborhood anymore, it’s all “that” neighborhood.

Is continuing worth it?

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