My boyfriend has a sickening gore fetish

Yes I snooped I’m bad, kill me. Or maybe my boyfriend will do it for you. I recently discovered via mostly his search history and kind of from hearing a conversation he was having with a guy friend on the phone, that he has a grotesque, violent, beyond words fetish for dead bodies and having sex with them. He wants to decapitate a girl, rape the body, and use the head as a personal fleshlight until it smells too bad and he has to ditch it. Picture after picture of bodies, heads, and body parts. Porn searches for dead girls. There is stuff like this ALL OVER his computer.

Obviously I’m fucking absolutely horrified and sick to my stomach. I got vertigo and genuinely almost passed out when I learned about it all. I have no idea what to do. I’m into bdsm and crazy shit, but this is moons and planets away from something I would ever imagine at all. Am I stupid for even considering that this is a fetish he won’t act upon and accepting that everyone is kind of fucked up? Should I confront him and leave? Talk about it? Am I a complete moron?

It’s hard to describe the feeling of having your guts wrenched painfully like this unless it’s happened to you. I’ve NEVER felt so disgusted and horrified in my life.

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