my cappy pasta

Ghost. Name is jamerald

Jamerald bulleid at schol for liking gorila tag.

Jamerld comits suciide

Evaryone at achol laigh…

Jamerld haunt schol.

Teacher go: jamerld do not puzle.

Jamerld say: puzzle 1. Sit in chair? Yas or no.

Techer go: hmm sit in chair.

Jamerld said: you fail puzzle.

Jamerld say: now you will becom stuck in gorila tag. Hahahaha

If yu evr see a person in red named Teacher…. That is a cappy pasta……..

Jamerld say: puzzle 2 like gorila tag?

Entir clas say no.

Jamerld say: you fail puzzle 2.

Alll classmates go in black hole and becom scraming banshees

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