My friend came over from school and i touched his penis what

Hi, i’m a male of 15 years old. My friend at school is always messing about when we are alone in the form room at dinner. He does things like trying to hump my bum and stuff. Well i let him come round my house the other day and we was sitting in my bedroom alone. He started to touch my penis through my trousers and ask if it felt alright which it did. Then he asked me to do the same so i did and he was already hard. I stopped then he said if you show yours i’ll show mine so i showed him and we both got ours out together. He rubbed mine so i did the same to his. He said if i dont tell anyone about this then he would let me do stuff to him at his house next time. Do you reckon it is safe to touch each other in this way and if it is what could we do at his house? I am not sure but want to see him cum as i masturbate alot.

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