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Have you ever wodnered what would happen if the two most powerful sources of power on the face of planet earth were to fuck and make a more powerful being? Oh my gorsh that would be sexy. Thats what I am here to talk about. Shrek is a character who is truly too powerful, and hot. From his long, throbbing cock, to his large muscular bicepts, Chrek is truly an alpha. But Kenos, on the otherhand, is the definition of a giga chad. These 2 are truly incredible. They have a long past about their love. A bond that cannot be broken. From their previous misfortunes, bond forming, to their nonstop sex, Shrek and Kenos are the best powercouple. First thing I wanna talk about is their previous misfortunes. One night, Shrek was traveling through the rain, when Kenos locked eyes on him, he stared into his giant bubbly eyes and immediately fell in love. He desired for Shrek to hold him in his strong, muscular arms. They were so muscular. Shrek knew deep down he would fall for Kenos’s powerful thighs, he knew his cock was gigantic. But he had a goal. The two had to fight and Kenos was taken captive by Shrek. Next up, Shrek kept Kenos in his prison. Kenos was flustered dreaming of a sex dugeon down here and how Kenos would be fucked here one day. Shrek tried to get his answers, but Kenos flirted with every answer, causing Shrek to blush excessively. Shrek knew this was gonna be bad. Kenos soon kissed Shrek when he was close to the bars. and Shrek unlocked the cell. Chapter 3: The nonstop sex. Shrek went up to Kenos and knew at this point his mission was over, he had a new goal to pursue. He bent Kenos over and shoved his large throbbing cock into Kennos’s tight ass. Kenos moaned louder than the wolves and Shrek soon released his gentle soft cum inside of Kenos. Shrek then turned Kenos around and put his lips up against Kenos’s strong mighty dick and started to suck. Their lives were never the same again. Every waking second they banged Finishing off, I hated this and wanna die.

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