My girlfriend wants to break up with me after I got a tattoo of a sex toy on my chest

My dream has been having to see my girlfriend squirt and for 5 years years we have been together i have never made her throw out fountains, 1month ago we talked about getting sex toys and i did some research here on redding and twitter and found out that actually some girls can attain orgasm with the help of sex toys and two weeks ago i just recieved the order after two weeks of waiting. This was our very first time using sex toys and we literally had to google how to use them but we did not find good tutorials, we decided to do our own way. Just after 10 minutes my girl had a whole fountain just using the toy and my fingers. Three days ago i decided to go have the tatto of the toy on my chest and my girlfriend is now mad at me and wants to break up. What should i do? Ive tried talking to her about it and she just gives me the cold shoulder. I love this girl so much and i dont wanna lose her. I thought it would be a fun idea to get the tattoo i would never do it if i knew she would react like this

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