My habits [Some of them I started even before watching anime]

1. Speaking Japanese on accident

2. Sit and walk like L

3. Laugh like Light

4. Hold a cup like Levi

5. Keep saying art is an explosion , un when someone asks me what is true art

6. Keep saying “I’ll take a potato chip and eat it” When I eat potato chips

7. Keep saying Dattebayo

8. Keep cursing like Hidan

9. Keep saying “Tobi is a good boy” when someone says “Who is a good boy”

10. Keep flicking my fingers on my cousin’s forehead like Itachi and keep saying “Sorry not now Sasuke” even though their name isn’t Sasuke

11. Whisper-yell “Sharingan” [dunno why]

12. Crys when sees a blue popsicle

13. Cracks fingers like Kaneki

14. Keep doing random hand signs

15. Keep saying “Ara-Ara” , “Tch” , “Hn” , “Yare-Yare” , “Mosi-Mosi” , “Oi Oi Oi” , and “Maa maa”

16. Keep yelling Rasengan

17. does the cross sign and say “Kage bushin no jutsu”

18. Bowing 90 degrees when appolagizing

19. Speaking names in a japanese accent

20. Have anger issues like Bakugou

21. Bipolar like Sakura

22. Say “What a drag”

23. Do Inojin and Meliodas funny expressions

24. Depression

25. Can’t sleep

26. Crying over anime characters deaths

27. Keep doing the pushing up my glasses thing when I don’t even have glasses

28. Keep putting a hand under my chin and mumbling Anime words

29. Act like there’s a shinigami sitting next to me

30. Randomly starts speaking Anime quotes out loud

31. Use Anime quotes to make my friends understand

32. Overdramatic

33. Keep yelling “SHANNARO” When I punch or kick someone

34. Ramble a lot

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