My husband shits himself on purpose

My husband took up cycling, hiking, and a variety of outdoor sports since we relocated to the west coast.

Usually, he’s a very clean man. In fact, as unusual as it may be, I’ve always thought he had nice breath too whether it’s post meal or early morning.

At first, I noticed he started smelling strange post workouts/outdoor activities. Typical BO mixed with a putrid cheese smell, as if he hasn’t showered in days. Overtime, it’s gotten much worse, as his hikes/runs/cycling have gotten longer. He can easily run 20-30+ miles.

It’s to the point I want to puke as soon as he gets home due to his stench. To be clear, he does wear deodorant.

Recently, he came home and I saw him in the bathroom scrubbing his underwear post workout. I joked and asked if he were shitting himself. Why else would he be scrubbing his bottoms? His reaction led me to believe he actually might be! He hates public bathrooms and he’s probably focused on completing his workout, but you guys-I’m sickened. I just know if I suggest wearing an adult diaper he’ll scoff at me as if I’m the weirdo. I don’t know. I guess it’s best to let him do as he pleases, it’s just shocking. I’m grossed out.

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