My husband wants me to pretend to be “a man” while we’re intimate (Found on r/trueoffmychest)


I need to get this off my system not just my chest honestly! I have no idea where this is coming from but he basically wants me to roleplay as a “man” the next time we’re intimate. The whole pant suit (his suit he wants me to use) and tie and even mustache! I got weirded out and said no because it really felt off to me. I mean yes I’m not trying to kink shame but trying to get me to act as if I’m a man really feels off. He started complaining saying I was blowing this whole thing out of propotion and that he gets turned on by the “idea” of women acting as “men” currently. I refused to do because I’m uncomfortable but he’s sulking hard about it saying if he were in my shoes he’d this for me but I doubt it.

but again, this could be nothing and I’m just overreacting but I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.

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