My little problem at Costco!

Hello, so please let me tell a story.

Recently I got my new credit card. The funny thing is, that my mom must always come with me to approve at checkout. That means, I must go shopping with my mom. Anyway, last Sunday I was at Costco and wanted the new Call of Duty (warzone). Luckly, they had it, so I asked my mom if she agrees to helping me buy to game. She was skeptical at first, but after around half an hour of convincing she actually allowed me to buy it. So first, I took my pills, then I frightfully grabbed Call of Duty black ops 3 from the shelf. As you might notice, it was the wrong game! Of course, I knew that, but the cover art just deceived me into that purchase. Afterwards I launched my PS4 (I don’t have a PS5 because my mom said it’s too expensive and sends out some toxic rays) and got onto my new game. Then I called my friends over on discord, but they told me that I bought the wrong game, and that I should be more mindful of the choices that I make. I instantly left the voice channel and cried a lot after that happened. I went back to the store and demanded a refund and tried to give it back. They refused. That motivated me to give it back without them noticing (smart right?). Anyway, I waited until nighttime and made my way to the store. When I arrived and looked inside, it was pitch black, so I pulled out my flashlight and started an observation of the place. It was clear, no security guard, so I could easily sneak through. One little detail though. There was one old camera mounted on top of a shelf full of various gaming consoles. Then it was time to execute! I placed the laser cutter on a window, smoothly cut my way inside and made my way to the shelf. It was extremely heavy and way bigger than me, but I managed to tip it over. Everything collapsed and the sound it made, oh the sound it made! I am sure it could even wake up a dead person. But that’s beside the point, because the camera was now disabled and my way to the shelf where the videogames were stored was free. I ran to it, avoiding the broken parts of game consoles laying on the floor. Then I opened my bag and got out my DVD of Black Ops 3. I gently put it back, but it wasn’t sufficient, so I went on to take exactly the amount of money back from the counter with the cash storing machine. But then, the alarms started to drool, and I had to run! I made it just in time, because three police vehicles drove to the entrance of the store, but I already exited with my plan finished. The day after that, my mom asked me where I was yesterday, so I told her that I was at the park watching the birds. Somehow, she believed me and went to work, which meant I could tell my friends about my amazing achievement. But to my surprise, they wouldn’t believe me and told me that even if it was true, it was way too much effort for such a reward. I was so severely angered, that I went onto a dating site and found somebody who is interested in video games like me. It took me some time, but after multiple weeks of searching, I actually found a very cool dude who liked Call of Duty Warzone and was willing to play with me. But I sadly had to tell him, that I couldn’t join him, because I didn’t have the game. He was very surprised and told me that the game is free on the Blizzard game launcher. That made me unbelievably happy and encouraged me to make my life better, so I installed the game. Then we played! It was an emotional rollercoaster for me and Pedro (His name).

Yeah, so that was my story.

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