My mother keeps telling me to get a job even though i am a discord mod

Basically the title, i am a full time discord moderator and right now i am managing 10 servers at once, I enjoy my job, i enjoy interacting with different communities and it’s nice that people recognize me in all the chats, Recently my mother has been nagging me to get a job even though discord is my job. We had family and cousins over for dinner once and they were discussing their job prospects , My cousin is a firefighter and was talking about how physically exhausting it can be to climb ladders and manage the fire equipment. I also say that my job is hard and that my fingers get tired and that i have to do special hand/finger stretches so i dont get carpal tunnel. I heard my brother smirk and i realized that none of them take what i love to do seriously, so i stormed back to my room

A few weeks passed and i was in the middle of getting a promotion and training to become an admin when my mother opened the door and asked to speak to me , i sighed and deafened myself since i was on call, She looked at me with sad eyes and said ‘Honey your father and i are kicking you out in 2 weeks if you dont get a job” , I replied telling her that once again this is my job, she then asked if i make any money from it which i replied one of the owners bought me a month of nitro for helping manage a discord raid, she told me that she didnt understand what nitro was or what a raid was, she once again told me or thats it, I am 28 years old, this is my dream and my passion, i am in the middle of completing my training and getting my admin certificate, i dont even want to imagine what my kittens would do without me if i cant go on my pc to use discord

What should i do? Any advice? Please help me because i am serious

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